• Amin Lanseur

08.08.2019 Cowpie Music Festival, Alaska, MI

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

Pizza Mind -> Color Field, Virginia in Vermont[1], Moma Dance[2], Limits, Blue Sky[3]

[1] With Mark Lavengood on mandolin

[2] Phish

[3] The Allman Brothers Band

*no audio or video captured


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08.18.2019 Lustre Pearl, Denver, CO

Set 1: Voguemotive, Color Field, Blue Sky[1], Peace of Mine, Electric Ketchup, Poster, Normal Street Set 2; Moma Dance[2], Terra Incognita, Sexy Teacher, Crazy Laser Worm, Sugar We're Goin' Down[3], R

08.09.2019 Tonic Room, Chicago, IL

Set 1: Electric Ketchup, Pizza Mind > Crazy Laser Worm, Sexy Teacher, Normal Street, Helicopters[1] Set 2: Green Flash -> Undercurrent, Slick Rick[2] -> Plane Crash[3], Poster [1] The Disco Biscuits.

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