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  • Ryan King

Grateful Chromer: The Saga of Vandalf

The past 24 hours have been some of the most stressful and panicked we’ve had here at Stormy HQ - our van broke down miles from the Iowa State Fair, making it nearly impossible to find a hotel room and transportation nearby. We were optimistic upon waking up this morning and felt defeated when we learned Vandalf was totaled. We found our low point in a booth at the local Applebee’s having $1 Mai Tais.

Since those budget cocktails things have been looking up, and that is entirely thanks to the incredible outpouring of support from our fans and loved ones. We reached our $4.5k fundraising goal in a mere 5 hours, with 61 individual donors. This has been amazing to watch and is very humbling and we are beyond words with gratitude. We owe you guys so much, and we feel fueled to bring you the best music we can make to express that.

We’ll be finding as many ways as we can to reflect our gratitude to you, and to carry the vibes we’ve seen today across the country and back to Michigan. This time in a reliable vehicle.

With complete love, deep thanks, and hard rock, Ryan, Amin, Brendan, and Spencer

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