Stormy Chromer first landed on the Michigan music scene in early 2014. The band’s four members – guitarists Spencer Hanson and Brendan Collins, bassist Ryan King, and drummer Amin Lanseur – found community in a shared love of live rock music in a diverse community of educated and passionate musicians. Influenced by an eclectic mix of musical genres across the board from jazz, electronic, funk, pop, psychedelic, heavy metal, classical, and hip-hop, Stormy Chromer works together to create a new brand of improvisational rock.


The band’s real-time compositional style has earned them a steady following of devoted fans in their home state of Michigan, as well as a growing reputation within the greater Midwest music scene. Combined with an explosive live show, Stormy Chromer delivers a one-two punch of riveting performance and powerful songwriting, that extends out into the ether and winds its way back home.

The quartet followed up their debut “Peace of Pizza” EP with a full-length album, “A Tale of Two Mouths” in 2014, and 2018's "Solid Sessions" EP.




"Something enticingly weirder than what you’re used to, some cool composite of ambient-pop, jazz-rock and smooth, cerebral psychedelia... This is rebooted prog-rock for a more multifaceted mindset."



"A fresh sound rooted in rock, funk, psychedelic, prog, and a dedication to improvisation. Known for their unique compositions and exploring new sonic territory in their live shows, they are making waves throughout the Midwest."


"The Ann Arbor and Ypsilanti-based foursome of guitarists Spencer Hanson and Brendan Collins, bass player Ryan King and drummer Amin Lanseur bring an unlikely musical pedigree and varying influences to their improvisational rock."