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Track Listing

1. New Mouth (Part One)

2. The Stoop

3. Virginia in Vermont

4. Party at the Mansion

5. Old Mouth

6. The Nord

7. Undercurrent

8. Poster

9. New Mouth (Part Two)


Released September 17, 2016
Recorded at Solid Sound Recording Company in Ann Arbor, MI
Engineered by Josh Wiechmann
Album art by Nathan Purchase of Psychedelic Eyes Photography
Printed by World Class Tapes

For Caylee


All Rights Reserved


Stormy Chromer is

Brendan Collins - Guitar
Spencer Hanson - Guitar
Ryan King - Bass
Amin Lanseur - Drums

A Tale of Two Mouths

  • One .zip file (604.5 MB) containing 9 .wav files and 3 .jpg album photos.

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